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Exercise Book

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  1. Side Sprial 44 Single Ruled Notebook - (Pack of 5)

    A quality product from Luxor. Stylish cover designs. Specially designed for day to days activities. Available in top and side spiral binding. International quality 64 GSM paper. USP: Brightest paper.
  2. Staedtler Digital Pen 990 01 Blue

    • Easily captures handwriting digitally • Adaptive handwriting recognition • Conversion of handwritten notes to computer text • Mobile mode: Capture and storage of handwritten notes when away from the computer/lap top for later transfer 1:1 via USB cable • Online mode: Pen function – capture and display of handwritten notes and drawings directly on the computer/laptop or mouse function – the digital pen can be used as a mouse
  3. Staedtler Digital pen 990 02 | Digital ballpoint pen

    • Digitises and saves handwritten notes and sketches for transferring to your computer - and to smartphones and tablets too
    • Can be used anywhere
    • Saves retyping or scanning
    • Works on normal paper
    • An adaptive handwriting recognition software converts the notes into computer text when used on a computer
    • Saves up to 100 pages of A4
    • Refillable with refill 459
    • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers
    • Also suitable for BlackBerry® Smartphones, iPhone and iPad
    • Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth® to your Windows PC and your mobile devices
    • Recognises 32 languages
    • Simplified mouse function on your computer
    • Batteries rechargeable via USB cable
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3 Item(s)